Black Ops 2 Zombie Emblems and Gameplay Video

Black Ops 2 Zombie Emblems and Gameplay Video

admin November 6, 2012 4

If you can’t wait to see what the zombie mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 looks like, then this post is going to interest you. Black Ops 2 has already leaked it’s way all over the underbelly of the internet, which means that those of us impatient, non-modding, citizens get to scour the internet in search of videos and pictures of all the cool things we’re missing out on by waiting until next week. This time we bring you Zombie Emblems from the zombie gameplay mode within Black Ops 2. I’m not sure how these will be unlocked, but I’m guessing it’s some sort of leveling process within the zombie game mode. There are also tons of videos of the gameplay in said zombie modes, so check those out as well.

What are you more excited for, multiplayer, zombie mode, single player campaign?


  1. Shudson793 November 9, 2012 at 6:22 am - Reply

    By the looks of these Emblems, most you can guess what they’re for, Starting from top left, accuracy, opening a lot of doors, multi kill of zombies with grenades/constant use of grenades, no clue on the top far right one. Bottom left, overkill of bullets/spray and prey or head shots, using a lot of perk-colas, reviving a lot of teammates and the last one is probably for traveling around the map either on the bus or by foot

    • admin November 9, 2012 at 9:24 am - Reply

      I think the top right might be headshots.

    • Flaming910 November 9, 2012 at 1:51 pm - Reply

      Actually, i think the last one is a certain amount of travelling, rounds, and game time.

  2. Sam November 16, 2012 at 1:14 pm - Reply

    Great production value does not make a great game. I’ll start with the good tgihns. COD:Black Ops graphics are on-par with any top-shelf title and it has an incredibly smooth feel. The game is reported to run at 60 frames per second and it feels very high def. The voice acting is good, and clearly the production value and marketing budgets are both very high. However, graphics, and hype do not make a good game. Gameplay and immersion do. Here’s why COD:Black Ops Fails utterly. 1 AI is stupid. These shortcomings remind you constantly that your playing a game, and a poorly scripted one at that. – Enemy recognition: I’ve seen the AI sit 2 feet away from an enemy and not shoot at them. When they finally do, they shoot it out for 10-15 seconds to score a kill on the enemy. This is ridiculous. Your allies in the field are supposed to be top-notch soldiers just like you. Why can’t they do some of the heavy lifting? Why can’t they do ANY lifting? – AI Movement: Once again you are expected to lead the way no matter what. AI will lead you from one battle to another with annoying follow me you jackass type comments (I mean you’re supposedly the very best soldier in the US’s arsenal and your squad pampers you along like you’re the greenest rookie in the armed forces, but I’ll hit on this later) but once you get from one battle sequence to the next, they sit and shoot in the general direction of the enemy, but do nothing, generally, to progress the situation. I want to ask the developers, Have you played ANY other modern games with AI in them? Because they do have a worthwhile influence on the outcome. Try playing Halo:Reach on legendary without the help of your squad mates you are FAR worse off. In that game, your squad shoots and accurately, and infinitely and eliminates enemies For the really tough enemies you can time your shots with your AI squad mates to take down difficult targets with efficacy. This is entirely missing in BO. 2. Scripted non-sense battles: Once again the feel of a real battle is completely removed here. You can not move naturally through a level, but instead must figure out through countless, monotonous trial and error sessions what the best, and arguable only, (especially when playing on hardened/veteran difficulty) way through a section is. The fact that the story won’t proceed to the next sequence until you trip the magic tripwire in the game is on par with 10-15yr old video games. Have the developers played anything but their own garbage in the last decade? I’m guessing no. – Nothing is worse in battles than seeing your buddies standing in the open taking zero fire, while you are ducked behind cover, and somehow getting magically lit up by enemies invisible to you. While I understand that perhaps some finger or toe might be sticking out of cover, why in all reasonableness would the enemy concentrate the entirety of their base of fire on such an impossible target when there are readily available targets standing entirely in the open? The fact that every enemy on the field seems to ignore all targets but you is very hard to get over. It’s counter intuitive. If you see your friends moving with impunity, its natural to think, I can go with them and NOT get shot at by multiple enemies, since they are in the open and not getting shot at by multiple enemies. Treyarch rewards this logic with untimely, inexplicable death, over and over again. = totally annoying 3. Infinitely spawning enemies – There are times when this is sensible, and there are times when it isn’t. The fact that Treyarch rewards you for getting into a tactically superior position and eliminating enemies with unending waves of reinforcements is ridiculous. It’s once again, counter-intuitive. While I understand the need to move, you are murdered over and over for sticking a toe out of cover, yet you are rewarded for being in cover with unending oppression. There needs to be a balance struck here where, IF you decide to take cover and use tactics to weaken the enemy force, you will get your chance to move. Maybe its simply the timing of the waves of enemies, but its seems that once you eliminate one enemy they are immediately replaced. This makes it pointless to eliminate enemies, and turns the game into a measured, Run-from-cover-to-cover type of battle where you simply hope to survive the onslaught and recover while in safety, only to do it again. Smoke grenades are the great balancer here, but they are in limited supply and that doesn’t excuse how counter-intuitive it is to play a battle game without actually rewarding the player’s skill and use of tactics with the ability to advance and succeed in a battlefield environment. Awful Game mechanics that are 10 15 yrs old, completely stale, and showing a complete inability to evolve Completely lackluster AI No

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